High Quality soaps

The most delicious High quality soaps with only natural ingredients and as the main part of the soaps natural organic extra virgin olive oil of Crete. To obtain aroma and colour we only use only essential oils, under no circumstances will chemical additives be used.

The so-called soaps wrapped around fresh smell and colourful wrapper, found in the aisle of body soap and detergent at a store, are not body soap at all. They are beauty bars; they contain harsh chemicals, unhealthy for the skin as well as the environment. Replace these beauty bars with 100% natural, handmade soap bars. Why? Because these handmade soap bars are eco-friendly, containing all-natural ingredients like olive oil, grape seed oil, lavender, etc., good for the body, and health overall.

You can use our soap daily during your bath or shower. Our soaps are also a great idea to give as a present and are an eye-catcher on your guest toilet.

Natural soap Naturally @ www.Monokriti.shop